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Reinventing the world of piano hauling

Seattle Piano Recycling has over a decades experience in the piano hauling and moving industry. We are dedicated to recycling used pianos, fixing them, and finding them new homes. If you have the need to get rid of your piano but don't want it to be dumped, we are the right service for you!

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About us

We love pianos and are dedicated to finding homes worldwide for each one we haul away in the Seattle area. Each year thousands of pianos are dumped and destroyed. A part of history is almost vanished away forever, but this is where we come in. Seattle Piano Recycling is committed to Going Green and being the most environmental friendly as possible. That is why each piano is restored to become fully functional.

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Feedback & Reviews

From our Proud Customers

"Seattle Piano Recycling assured me that they would take care of our beloved piano. It was tough to give it away after so many years of having it in our den but we had no other choice after purchasing a house out of state. Thank you so much!!"

Lisa C

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